What is NTUT-vDesk?

NTUT-vDesk is a platform composed of several advanced virtualization system.It provides users with the convenience of using softwares anywhere,anytime with any devices available. The credential of vDesk platform is the same as the campus portal ID account.

Desktop on The Cloud,

Using softwares within seconds

Care-Free Learning


Mobile Phone?Tablet?
No problem!You name it!

GPU Acceleration

Powerful graphic performance for learning and teaching

Files on the go

5GB of Free storage follows you anywhere

Our Services

Cloud Desktop

Equivalent to a brand new desktop environment, ready to be used anytime!

    Cloud Application

    Accessing applications as if you already installed them!

      How to use NTUT-vDesk?

      • Step


         Download VMware Horizen Client and install it

         add server 「vdesk.ntut.edu.tw」

         or use your browser and visit vdesk.ntut.edu.tw

      • step


         Login with your campus portal account

         select desired applications or desktops

         select desired applications or desktops

      • Journey



      Regulations and Rules

      1. If accessing end point files is desired, please download VMware Horizon Client and follow the instruction of the manual.

      2. NTUT-vDesk platform is regarded as the extension of Computer and network center service, please follow the rules instructed on the related policy.

      3. To prevent resource occupation, each session will be disconnected every 240 minutes.

      4. The grace period of each session after disconnection is 5 minutes. Any reconnection will restore the session and no data will be lost.

      5. After the grace period, the corresponding desktop and application will be reset and all the tasks and files will be purged.

      6. 5GB of storage is provided for the users to store temporary files, which can be accessed through websitehttps://vdrive.ntut.edu.tw.

      7. The storage can be accessed on the desktop or application through Drive named NTUT-Cloud(F:\)

      8. Upon the deletion of the users' portal account,storage will be deleted after announcement.

      9. Computer and Network Center will not be held responsible for the loss of any data. Please save and backup your data properly.


      For any Inconvenience or Question……

      (+886-2)2771-2171 #3200 #3295
      Computer and Network Center
      National Taipei University of Technology
      1, Sec. 3, Zhongxiao East Rd. Taipei 10608 Taiwan, R.O.C.
      Windows 7 Windows 10 IBM SPSS eDoc App
      Install Client Software
      After brief installation,access will be faster and more convenient for long-term usage.
      Eample:Students who need to finish homework during semesters.
      Access through Web Browser
      Use it right away.No need to install anything but the performance is not as good.
      Example:Teachers who would like to access eDoc system immediately.